Cooking for your girl: What to KNOW.

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Cooking for your girl: What to KNOW.

Cooking for your girl: What to KNOW.

by Melody Quinlan – Sexy girl & Holistic Nutritionist


Straight up, a DUDE who can cook is H-a-W-t, and I have fallen victim to said DUDE once or twice in my life.  “Come on over babe and I’ll cook you a nice meal and we’ll crack a bottle of wine”. As a Holistic Nutritionist, hearing that is like foreplay.  However, most DUDES just don’t seem to have a CLUE when it comes to the preparation and execution of fine cuisine for us ladies.


Enter some sort of frozen meat product with a side of fries, or better yet a big bowl of pasta and your concept of a sexy night in will quickly translate to a bloated belly and carb induced coma.  Now while it is important to appreciate the ATTEMPT to woo us with your “culinary skills”, gentlemen, your efforts would be much better received if you followed these guidelines:


1.       We are not DUDES like you.  YOU might be able to get by on takeout, frozen dinners and children’s cereal, but OUR pallet is a little more refined. If you think I got my soft hair, glowing complextion, and bang’n body from eating a box of KD daily, you’d be mistaken.  I eat foods from good old mother earth. You know, the produce you see when you first walk in the grocery store? The ones that you have to wash, chop, slice and grate prior to consuming. If you want to cook ME a meal that is really going to knock my socks off (and potentially other items of clothing) then please choose to incorporate foods from the basic food groups (vegetables, fruit, whole grains and meat).


2.       Presentation is key.  Ladies have learned over the years that men are visual learners and we have been, needless to say, using this to our advantage.  Women too are also very visual and have an eye for fine detail. Remember, this is not your average night of eating dinner right out of the pot that you cooked it in. So when you are plating this wonderful veggie filled dinner for us don’t just slop it on the plate atop a chaotic looking table setting. Take some time to make the whole dinner EXPERIENCE look aesthetically pleasing. We might even be so inclined to snap a photo and send it discreetly to our girlfriends #andhecancook.


3.       What they say about food being an aphrodisiac is true.  There are specific foods by nature that are really going to get our motors running (car analogy…you’re welcome). Shrimp, along with many other forms of sea food contain iodine, which is used in the body to regulate energy.  This “energy boost” and the associated increase in blood flow has many sexy benefits that can be put to good use (providing you know what you’re doing in THAT department… but just wait for my next blog post).  Asparagus with their long and HARD spears are rich in vitamins such as A, C and B6. Asparagus are also said to boost histamine production which is required to reach… you know… “dessert”! Chocolate (raw cacao dipped strawberries anyone?) contains phenylethylamine which has been nicknamed “the love chemical”. It also contains tryptophan which promotes the feeling of well-being and happiness. And you boys wonder why we love it so much.


So there you have it.  Three pieces of useful advice straight from the SOURCE.  Anymore and your short attention span towards things that don’t involve sports, tools, or vehicles may have kicked in.


In summation DUDES, it’s time to stop being such duds in the kitchen and whip up a culinary delight that shows her that real men CAN cook, and find out what happens after you have tantalized her taste buds.