Chivalry is only… on hiatus.

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Chivalry is only… on hiatus.

Have you heard this wild accusation before?  Chivalry is DEAD.

I think the only time I overhear rants about that concept is when TMN is showcasing “The Notebook” with a 3 for 1 special including chocolate ice cream and crying puppies.  IS it dead, or has the expectation of chivalry been blown out of proportion and thus unobtainable by clueless Jason Stathem movie marathon boys?  Well, yes and no, but I’m not pointing fingers or making excuses for anyone.  The fact is, we’re not expected to hang upside down and kiss a girl while shooting a white sticky substance out of our… wait damn you spiderman for making everything sound dirty!  My POINT is, although women would love love LOVE to be swept off their feet in a movie-esque type of way, the truth is that they are more disappointed that dudes are not making any sort of effort in the REALITY-esque sort of way, and thus settle and then RANT when they see a romantic movie.

Pay attention.

As I always state, little actions can take us a looong way, primarily because THIS generation of the male species has unintentionally  (debatable) yet GENIUSLY led the female population to believe that “there are no gentlemen left out there”.  DUDES, do you know what this means??  Women have SKEPTICAL expectations of us, which only works in our favor because NOW we have the luxury of pleasantly surprising her with the subtleties of such actions as opening a door for her.  Brilliant.  Instead of being blown away by horse-drawn carriages and all that “sweep me off my feet” butterfly stuff, us dudes get legitimately praised in the post-date BFF conference call for not passing gas in front of her.  Wow.  Dudes, you’re my dudes, but ladies you need to build back a realistic standard of what a gentleman IS before you start wondering where they all went.

So what IS a sufficient “gentleman”?  You have the movies and then you have reality, and unfortunately your (attention females, women, girls) expectations of one has been skewed by the other.  Can you guess which one??  Yes, men have been lacking in this category, either because of our “busy” schedules or maybe due to all the promiscuity out there that has made “trying” irrelevant, but that doesn’t mean we (attention males, men, boys) should get off easy (pun intended).  Open doors, offer up your jacket if it’s cold out, pay your girl a genuine compliment every once and a while… anything STANDARD by the gentleman’s code and you’ll see that “why can’t you be more like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook??” will soon be a forgotten rant.  Girls just need to feel special, and after all… aren’t they?

Now DUDES, if you want to keep playing games with that flakey party girl who strings you along, disregard anything you may have picked up in this… article?  Fuck it I’m calling it an article.  If you want a REAL woman, someone that is going to give you that “roof top potential” (no not jumping off, but screaming her name from it), then give her the bare necessities of a “reality” gentleman and quit being such a DOUCHE if you want more out of a relationship.  Sorry for yelling.